Words We Can't Use Here

There have been plenty of times when trying to make a post I couldn't because I used some word or other that was automatically kicked out with this system. These words I'm speaking of were entirely harmless and proper for the conversation. Sometimes there are no other words that can be used that mean the same.

It might be helpful for us if we had a list of words that are not accepted here. That way we could search for alternatives or debate the offensiveness of them.

Thank you.
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Sorry Muddawg - we can't provide a list based on the fact that it would obviously be blocked. If you have a post in particular, try using _ between the words if you're trying to figure out what word it is that is banned. Try that in a reply to this so I can see what words you are using that are banned. We did have a bug in our system that blocked "post". Weird...

Hey, Tara,

Sorry it's taken so long for me to reply to this. Honestly, I don't know why I hadn't yet, unless I was having computer problems or something. It's just been so long ago that I don't remember.

But, to your response, one word that I've had trouble with when speaking about guns and their actions is c-o-c-k. I get that it could be used to describe certain parts of the anatomy, but it's still the best work to describe the reloading of certain weapons.

That's the first term that came to mind. But as I find them, I'll come back to this page and pot them.

Thanks much!